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6 months ago

Submission discussion today

Join the Polygon team today for an AMA


A Guide To Make Successful Hackathon Submissions

Date and Time: 11am ET, 18th August, 2022.

Joining Link:


There is just 1 weekend remaining so be sure to join and get the inside scoop on how to improve your submission. 

Remember, a project can win either a Grand Prize, a Track Prize, or a Pool Prize AND a Sponsor Prize. Increase your prize potential by using a sponsor's tool. Find details here.



Here is your requirements checklist: 

These are some of the minimum requirements, but join the session today to learn how your submission could be better:

  • Are you building a scalable decentralized application on Polygon within at least one of the tracks?
  • Did you provide access to your code repository by making it public or giving access to,, and We would love to see open source 
  • Did you record and upload a demo video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video? It should be about 3-5 minutes and show off your project and why you built it.
  • Are all of your teammates added to your submission form? Remind them to accept the invitation so that they’re listed on the project submission!
  • If you included a sponsor tool, did you highlight that in your submission?
  • (Optional) Did you include the Smart contracts deployment links (polygonscan) in the project description (Polygon Mainnet / Testnet)?

See you there!