•   5 months ago

Hackathon Updates

Hello all! I was wondering if there are any updates on the status of the hackathon and judging period. Initially it seemed as if the judging period would end September 5th, now it seems this was pushed back to September 15th. Any updates? Just excited to see the results!


  • Manager   •   5 months ago

    Hi Alexander, Good question and thank you for your excitement! When we pushed the submission deadline back to Aug 22 we also needed to push all the other dates after the deadline back. Judging is still in progress and we hope to announce the winners September 14

  •   •   5 months ago

    Hello everyone, I have recently noticed that our project came 3rd in the web2 to web3 category. Does anybody know how I should claim the reward?

  • Manager   •   5 months ago

    Hi Quentin, Thank you for reaching out! The plan changed a little bit and now the Polygon team will be reaching out directly to the winners to start the prize claim process. The current ETA is that they plan to start reaching out to winners today.

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