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Improve already submitted project?

To the organizers, I think its unfair the deadline was extended. Some of us had to rush to meet up and as a result didn't design to our very best, now we've submitted others have a large time to come up with something which puts us at a huge disadvantage.

So my question is what of us that have already submitted and want to improve our current submission? Is this possible? How do we go about it.

Awaiting your reply thanks.

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  • Manager   •   over 1 year ago

    Hello Osamudiame, Thank you for your feedback on this! I hope you are also advantaged equally with the extra time. You may continue working on and re-submit your project through the Designathon submission form. You may also submit a second completely separate project if time permits for you. We will use the latest version of the submission for judging based on email and content provided in the form.


    Best of luck!

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