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about 1 year ago

Sponsor Spotlight

We’d like to take a minute to recognize the support of our sponsors - their sponsorship has brought this hackathon so many awesome prizes. 

 Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:


Filecoin / IPFS - Use IPFS,, or similar within your hackathon project.

  • First Prize: $7,500 in USDT
  • Second Prize: $5,000 in USDT
  • 3 x Third Prizes: $2,500 in USDT
  • Pool Prize: $30,000 in USDT divided amoung up to 40 projects ($1,000 per team cap)

Judging Criteria for Filecoin/IPFS


Spheron Network - Use Spheron to build a decentralized User Interface for your hackathon project

  • Pool prize of $15,000 in USDT divided by up to 10 projects



AWS - Use any AWS Service to build your hackathon project.

  • Pool prize of $15,000 in USDT divided by up to 10 projects


  1. DeFi using AWS - Today Fintech are innovating at very fast scale. There are lot of use cases in Fintech which are complex and require multi party and involve intermediaries. You can potentially find some problem statement to provide globally accessible financial services such as:

    1. Lending & Borrowing

    2. Spot Trading

    3. Asset Exchange & Swap

    4. Savings & Yield Products

    5. Stablecoins (Fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies)

    6. Insurance

    7. Prediction Markets

    8. Arbitrage

    9. Legal

    10. and many more - ideas can be anything other than this

  2. GameFi and NFTs using AWS - Games are an another area of interest for Web3. You can create an idea play-to-earn and ownership based universal game and help gain advantage for Web2 games for better experience using NFTs, crypto etc. They can be various use cases like NFT marketplaces, wallets etc.

  3. SocialFi and NFTs using AWS - Create a social ecosystem with ownership where artist, curators have sense of ownership and every one is rewarded. Examples can be social media, video sharing, images and art web portals, code sharing, short video, shopping etc

  4. Enterprise workflow modernization using AWS - Last but not the least you can create dApp for complex multi party enterprise workflow modernization use case. This can cut through variety of industries like Pharma, Finance, Manufacturing, supply chain etc

Other broad innovative domain that can be added ideas on core verticals are as follow

  1. Sustainability/Carbon Negative

  2. Web 3 for Industries - Healthcare, Manufacturing. Logistics, Retail, Media & Entertainment

  3. ZKP related - Polygon Nightfall

  4. Web 2 → Web 3 Tooling creating tools for optimization

  5. Identity service

Reference Materials


Sequence Wallet - Implement Sequence Wallet within your hackathon project.

  • First Prize: $4,000 in USDT
  • Second Prize: $2,750 in USDT
  • Third Prize: $1,750 in USDT
  • Fourth Prize: $1,000 in USDT
  • Fifth Prize: $500 in USDT


Judging criteria: - Quality + design of the project - Potential impact of the project - Quality of Sequence integration


Fluence Network - Implement Fluence’s decentralized infrastructure in your hackathon project.

  • Pool prize of $15,000 in USDT divided by up to 10 projects 


Fluence is a decentralized platform designed to enable the freedom of digital innovation via peer-to-peer applications.


Chainlink - Use Chainlink to make a state change on-chain in your hackathon project.

  • Pool prize of $15,000 in LINK divided by up to 10 projects 

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides secure and reliable inputs and outputs for off-chain data for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.


Visit the sponsor page for more information on what they have to offer.