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6 months ago

Designathon ends tomorrow!

Designers only have until 5 PM ET tomorrow to submit their designs!




Here is a quick reminder about the $50,000 in USDT up for grabs for Designathon Submissions:

 Designathon | First Place

  • $15,000 in USDT

Designathon | Second Place

  • $12,000 in USDT

Designathon | Third Place

  • $8,000 in USDT

Designathon | Best Onboarding

  • $5,000 in USDT

Designathon | Best Visuals and Branding

  • $5,000 in USDT

Designathon | Best Mobile-Compliant Design

  • $5,000 in USDT


For dApp ideas, a list of UX problems, and other details about the Designathon, please see the Designathon section with the Resources here: 

Good Luck!