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7 months ago

Some amazing news

We are happy to announce that we’re pushing back the deadline due to popular demand. 

Submissions are now due August 22nd before 5:00 PM ET.

Now everyone has more time to build and submit their project. Remember, make sure your submission meets all of the requirements.


 Your checklist: 

  • Built an application on Polygon.
  • Provided access to the project code repository by making it public or giving access to,, and
  • Recorded and uploaded a project demo video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video. 
  • Checked to make sure the video is about 3-5 minutes and shows off the project and why you built it.
  • Filled in all areas of the submission on Devpost.
  • Added teammates to the submission and reminded them to accept the invitation.
  • Selected the right track and any relevant sponsor tools, but also explained selection.


Join the Polygon Discord Server for support and start working on your submission

Good luck!